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HIWIN silver linear slide installation notes

HIWIN silver linear slide installation notes

First, the linear slide products are coated with an appropriate amount of anti-rust oil before shipment. Please wipe the anti-rust oil of the slide rail before installation to move the slider.
Second, confirm the reference rail and the follower rail: When the non-interchangeable linear slide rails are used in combination, pay attention to the difference between the reference rail and the driven rail. The reference rail side reference surface is higher in accuracy than the driven rail and can be used as a bed mounting bearing surface.
The mark of the MA is engraved on the reference rail. Moreover, when the two-track pairing is used, the reference rail number is an odd number, and the track number of the driven rail is an even number, and the installation is performed in order according to the indication of the symbol.
3. Confirm the installation reference plane: the guide plane of the slide rail is the side plane indicated by the arrow next to HIWIN; and the base plane of the slider is the smooth surface after grinding.
4. Slide rail attachments: When installing the slide rails, they must be installed in the order indicated on the slide rails to ensure the accuracy of the linear slides. The teeth are marked on the upper surface of the tooth end. Please connect the two ends of the same tooth mark together, and it is recommended that the paired slide rails should be staggered to avoid the difference between the bed and the teeth due to different slide rails. Poor accuracy.
5. When installing the linear slide, do not remove the slider if it is not necessary. If you need to remove or install the HIWIN slider from the rail, please use the attached rail.
6. When installing the linear slide rails, do not use the sliders of the non-interchangeable slide rails at will, so as not to affect the accuracy.
7. When installing the linear slide rail, please use the torque wrench and lock the bolt according to the recommended torque of the company to ensure the straightness of the slide rail.

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